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George Ryals "GRIV" 

George Ryals is also known out on the range as GRIV. That name comes from his Martin Archery days. Working as a product designer and advertising director at Martin, GRIV was instrumental is creating ArcheryTalk.com. His Internet handle morphed from GDRyalsIV to GRIV. ArcheryTalk was started in the hopes of helping archers around the world by putting information out for everyone to use. GRIV believes today that ArcheryTalk has been a large part of pushing archery up to where it is today. 

GRIV continues to shoot professional archery on a national level and maintains a highly competitive average. Being a Pro for 25 years while working many different positions in the archery industry, GRIV was responsible for many of the top bows of the day. During his time at Martin Archery his designs were winners across target 3D and indoor archery. 

After his time with Martin Archery GRIV moved on to work with Copper John and Stanislawski Archery products. Copper John acquired Stanislawski five years earlier and hired GRIV to help redesign the line of releases and create a new marketing plan and relaunch the brand. His work is still visible in their releases today. 

Now GRIV runs a small pro-shop in Snellville, GA with a focus on target and recreational archery. He is Head Coach of the Hornets, the archery team that has grown out of his JOAD archery program. The Hornet team has traveled the world under GRIV's wing, and have amassed an impressive list of awards. The Hornet team has a 4 Vegas Championship wins, three World Records, and over 50 National titles spanning across target and 3D. 

George was recently nominated to USA Archery by his team for. 2014 USA Developmental Coach Of The Year. You can read the nomination package here. GRIV Won!!

In the same year, GRIV also won the USOC National Developmental Coach Coach Of The Year. This award encompasses all Olympic Sports and it's the first time Archery has received the honor. 


Photographer: John Pero

Release: TruBall