Know More; Shoot Better. Book a GRIV weekend

Photo by John Pero Photography

Photo by John Pero Photography

Archery has been very good to me. It has allowed me to be almost everything i have wanted to be. It has helped me to become a better person, more educated, and a champion. Who would have thought an un-athletic fat kid like me could have done as much in sport. WELL I showed myself it's possible. 

I have taught archery now for over 20 years and have studied form and method intensely for just as long, trying to perfect my own archery and to help others perfect theirs.

ExtraMiddle, the phrase coined as a hashtag by my friend, The #BIGCAT Steve Anderson, is the perfect title for my perpetually unfinished book. I have been tweaking and tinkering on this book for years and years. lately it has been pulling on me again. Being so fortunate to have a dynamite archery team at my finger tips to coach has brought every skill i have to the surface as i help these young men and women with their archery dreams. I think it's time to finally put this book on the front burner and publish it so others can benefit and hopefully get their archery on an upward trajectory. 

In this blog I will serialize my notes and work leading up to the final making of the book. You can help shape the information in my book by posting your questions and comments. This will help me mold the explanations for a broader understanding for the largest cross section of archers.